Audi and 4.screen have announced a new partnership that aims to provide new commerce experiences inside the vehicle. At launch, Audi customers will benefit from 4.screen’s POI information that leverages real-time data from its Mobility Experience Cloud – a standardized interface that works to aid real-time communication with drivers. With the user’s consent, the partnership will enable them to access personalized, location-based, offers from select providers through Audi’s MMI system.

One use case the partnership’s experience would begin with Audi drivers searching for a nearby organic market through the MMI. They would then be able to view any current services or offers available at the locations shown. Likewise, a store owner could offer a free cup of coffee from the store’s on-site café, or provide free EV charging with every purchase. To redeem any offer enabled in the experience, the driver scans its corresponding QR code displayed in the MMI.

The technical basis for this solution is the integration of a standardized interface to 4.screen’s Mobility Experience Cloud into the existing MIB2+ & MIB3 infotainment systems (available on Audi models released in MY2019 or later). This API establishes a real-time connection between the partnered companies and Audi’s customers. The customers themselves retain full control over the information received and offers displayed based on their selected settings in their vehicle’s Privacy Mode.

In the next stage of their collaboration, Audi and 4.screen will look to enable context- and location-based content. The solution spawned from the partnership will launch first in select European markets, with availability for further regions to be confirmed. A release window has not yet been confirmed by either company.