BMW introduces the new 3 Series with newly designed cockpit consisting of BMW Curved Display. The launch of the new BMW 3 Series around the world will commence in July 2022. Vehicles for the U.S. market will be built exclusively in BMW’s newest plant in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

The interior of the new BMW 3 Series has been treated to a comprehensive update. The new interpretation of the brand-typical driver focus is embodied by the large BMW Curved Display. This cockpit design has progressive digitalization at its heart and enables the number of buttons and controls to be significantly reduced in favor of touch and voice control.

Offering generous amounts of space, modern functionality, a high level of acoustic comfort, high-quality materials displaying exquisite workmanship, and advanced digital services, the new BMW 3 Series delivers a convincing blend of inimitable driving pleasure and compromise-free premium quality both in everyday use and on longer trips away.

The standard BMW Curved Display exemplifies quality and modernity with its frameless glass surfaces angled slightly towards the driver. A 12.3-inch information display behind the steering wheel and a 14.9-inch control display merge into a single, fully digital, high-resolution unit.

BMW iDrive with latest-generation BMW Operating System 8 now in the new BMW 3 Series leads the way into the digital future with powerful connectivity and data processing capabilities, plus intuitive interaction between driver and vehicle.

The new BMW Operating System 8 offers many more options for drivers to enjoy easy, intuitive, multimodal control of vehicle, navigation, infotainment, and communication functions, as well as digital services. As evidenced by the BMW Curved Display and the continually expanding capabilities of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, it is geared squarely towards dialogue using touch control and natural speech.

The BMW Curved Display fitted as standard in the new BMW 3 Series provides a whole new user experience. This fully digital and high-resolution screen grouping comprises a 12.3-inch information display and a control display with a screen diagonal of 14.9 inches.

The state-of-the-art graphics and menu structure of the BMW Curved Display have been designed with a smartphone-style appearance. The user interface impresses with its striking forms, dynamic light effects, strong depth of color, and modern color worlds. Its layout can be adapted to the driving situation at hand or personal preferences.

The new BMW 3 Series is moving into the era of 5G. If the customer selects the optional Personal eSIM, DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active) capability allows both the Personal eSIM and the Vehicle SIM to be active simultaneously. With the Personal eSIM, customers can use the communications and connectivity functions covered by their mobile agreement from their vehicle with ease. The vehicle essentially turns into another device like a smartphone or tablet. Mobile reception for data and telephone functions is significantly improved by the vehicles’ own 5G antenna system. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the internet via the mobile hotspot.

The Personal eSIM isn’t linked to the customer’s vehicle, but their BMW ID – meaning it can be transferred to other BMW vehicles with Personal eSIM functionality. The Personal eSIM is configured automatically when users sign in with their BMW ID, after which it is available immediately.