Mercedes-Benz announced that it will incorporate Sila’s silicon anode chemistry in batteries that will be an optional feature of the OEM’s forthcoming electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

The high-silicon anode material will increase the energy density of the SUV’s batteries without compromising safety or other performance parameters. Sila’s technology enables a 20% – 40% increase in energy density against today’s commercially available cells, reaching more than 800 Wh/L at cell level. This allows Mercedes-Benz to store more energy within the same space, therefore increasing the range of its future EVs.

The advanced silicon anode materials will be manufactured using 100% renewable energy in Sila’s new Washington state facility, set to open in 2024. Both companies are targeting a mid-decade release for a range-extended-version of the electric G-Class to be equipped with Sila’s battery technology.