SoundHound AI has announced a seven-year deal with Hyundai to integrate its Edge+Cloud voice AI technology, which recognizes and processes voice commands in the cloud and on the edge, into its vehicles worldwide.

Hyundai will also seek to integrate the company’s music recognition software, voice commerce solution, and multiple-language conversational intelligence system. Through the partnership, SoundHound expects to expand its presence in vehicles worldwide with the support of Kia, Genesis, and Hyundai.

The conversational intelligence system works to create a unified, responsive, voice interface for in-car controls and cloud-based searches while improving the overall voice experience. It will launch first across North America and India with several languages, adding further language options and expanding to a greater number of regions over time.

Designed for automotive needs, Edge+Cloud streamlines the voice AI user experience by processing some commands without sending or receiving data from the cloud. It pairs with SoundHound’s cloud-based voice AI technology to enable more control over a broader set of features. The system also allows users to activate these features with their voice – even in low-signal areas where the cloud is not available. It is similarly capable of delivering voice AI capabilities in environments where speed and accuracy are balanced with mission-critical memory and CPU footprint requirements.

The companies are also partnering to identify and deliver commerce opportunities to Hyundai customers based on voice recognition – including food ordering, voice payment, and promotions from content domain partners.