Mitsubishi Motors has unveiled the eK X EV, an all-electric kei-car set to launch in Japan this summer. The OEM confirmed that sales would take place at its affiliates nationwide, and the Rakuten Ichibia e-commerce marketplace. The eK X EV will be manufactured at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima assembly plant in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan.

At launch, the electric kei-car will be priced from 2,398,000 yen to 2,932,600 yen ($18,819 to $23,014), including a 10% consumption tax, and will be offered in two trims – G and P. Mitsubishi confirmed that the EV will be eligible for subsidies put into place by the Japanese government encouraging the adoption of clean energy vehicles and their adjacent infrastructure. For customers receiving a 550,000 yen ($4,316) subsidy, the eK X EV will start from 1,848,000 yen ($14,502) with consumption tax. Customers in areas where local governments provide additional subsidies can benefit from further price reductions.

The latest addition to Mitsubishi’s eK X series will offer a 180-kilometer (111-mile) range, with power coming from a 20 kWh battery. Inside, a 7-inch LCD instrument display is paired with a 9-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio system to form its infotainment offering. Within it, the LCD meter displays key EV information such as battery status and power consumption information as well as navigation information.

The 9-inch navigation system, fitted as standard on the high-end P trim, adds a broader set of features – including the ability to assess charger availability and estimate the battery power left to the destination. Regardless of their selected trim, all eK X EV drivers will be able to benefit from its smartphone mirroring features through its compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In the P model, wireless CarPlay is provided as standard, while it is optional on the G trim. The G trim offers the 7-inch LCD meter and Innovative Pedal Operation Mode as standard, while the P is fitted with additional features including SOS Emergency Assistance.

In addition to providing power to the vehicle, the eK X EV’s battery also functions as a backup source of energy through its V2L functionality. When using a V2L adapter, the EV can be used as an external power source and, with a V2H device, it can provide electricity to the home or charge other EVs. The vehicle is equipped with two charging ports, through which regular charging (AC200V/14.5A), takes around 8 hours to fully recharge. Quick charging on the other hand takes around 40 minutes to replenish 80 percent of its full battery power.

In addition to SOS Emergency Assistance, the EV’s Mitsubishi Connect system adds further convenience to the user experience. Among its key features are Vehicle Status Report, which allows users to check the remaining drive battery level and door status; Remote Climate Control, which allows users to start air conditioning remotely; Remote Charge, which notifies the driver when charging is complete; and Car Finder, which locates where the vehicle has been parked.