Volvo Cars is bringing photorealistic visualization technology into its next generation of electric cars through a new collaboration with Epic Games. The companies are teaming up to bring Epic’s Unreal Engine game engine into upcoming Volvo cars, providing high-quality graphics inside the cabin.

Epic Games also develops Unreal Engine, which will now be used by Volvo Cars for developing digital interfaces inside its cars and rendering real-time graphics in the car.

More specifically, Volvo Cars will initially focus on the Driver Information Module (DIM), one of the displays inside the cabin that provide the driver with relevant information and infotainment features.

By coupling the Unreal Engine with the high performance computing power of the third generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms, the next generation of Volvo cars will enhance its graphics and infotainment system performance.

The first car to contain the new graphics is the new, all-electric model that Volvo Cars will reveal later this year. That model is the first of a new generation of all-electric Volvo cars as it aims to only sell pure electric cars by 2030.

Volvo Cars has an ambition to develop half of all the software inside its cars in-house by mid-decade.