BlackBerry announced an updated version of QNX Advanced Virtualization Frameworks (QAVF) and support for Google’s latest Android Automotive OS (AAOS) reference implementation (Trout 1.0). This new version of QAVF will further enable embedded automotive software developers to simplify development, accelerate time to market and reduce costs when building Android Automotive OS-based IVI systems. This new development strengthens the embedded automotive software market by providing a foundation on which safety and non-safety applications can be easily developed.

QNX Advanced Virtualization Frameworks extends the functionality of the QNX Hypervisor and the QNX Hypervisor for Safety to support the complex sharing and abstraction of the underlying hardware for systems including digital cockpits, domain controllers and other high-performance compute applications requiring a mix of safety and non-safety functions. The QNX Hypervisor products, QAVF and Trout 1.0 together enable a application development environment, while leveraging the features and advantages provided by the Android operating system.