EVgo and General Motors have announced the availability of Plug and Charge for EVs under GM’s brand portfolio – including GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac – on EVgo’s charging network. Plug and Charge enables customers to efficiently start a fast-charging session without the need to open a mobile app, tap an RFID card, or swipe a credit card.

The jointly operated Plug and Charge service utilizes the latest iteration of EVgo’s Autocharge technology, enabling enhanced security features and facilitating a streamlined customer experience.

Both companies confirmed that Plug and Charge will initially be available at EVgo stations for GM-produced EVs equipped with DC fast-charging capability. After a one-time enrollment, customers can benefit from fast charging on the EVgo network. When starting a session with Plug and Charge enabled, the EV charger securely communicates with car to match the vehicle to the driver’s EVgo and GM-brand accounts.

To enroll, customers must register their vehicle in any of GM’s brand apps (such as myChevrolet, myGMC, and myCadillac), link their EVgo account, and activate Plug and Charge within the app.