Hyundai has revealed the design of its IONIQ 6 EV, the second model in its brand of all-electric-vehicles following the IONIQ 5. Described by the OEM as an Electrified Streamliner, the BEV utilizes sustainable materials throughout to reflect contemporary consumer attitudes as well as its own commitments to sustainability. Like its predecessor, IONIQ 6 has implemented the Hyundai Look design strategy that provides each model with a unique appearance.

In adopting the Group’s Electric Global Modular Platform, also known as E-GMP, the designers of the IONIQ 6 were able to stretch the interior, front, and rear, allowing occupants to benefit from additional legroom, optimal space, and a flat floor. Further along the cocoon-shaped interior, an ergonomically designed control unit works to reduce distractions and support safe driving. Here, a modular touchscreen dashboard combines a 12-inch full-touch infotainment display with a 12-inch digital instrument cluster while a bridge-type center console houses the EV’s in-car storage.

Both the interior and exterior design of the IONIQ 6 take advantage of sustainable materials taken from renewable or recycled materials. Recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tires, for example, are applied to the cladding while bamboo charcoal pigment paint is used on the body. This design ethos continues inside the vehicle, with further sustainability options depending on the user’s selected trim level. These include eco-process leather and recycled PET fabric seats, bio TPO skin for the dashboard, bio PET fabric in the headliner, with bio paint derived from vegetable oils used on the doors, and recycled fishing net carpet – a first for the IONIQ brand.

Hyundai has confirmed that it will reveal the IONIQ 6 in full at a world premiere will take place in July, during which it will reveal the EV’s specifications, features, and advanced technologies.