NEA (New Electricity Approach), a charging platform for EVs in China, has reached an agreement with XPeng through which the OEM will achieve data interconnection with its charging stations. The partnership will contribute to the formation of a nationwide charging network and further aid the sharing of charging infrastructure resources.

Within China, high-power DC charging piles are most likely to become the mainstay of the new infrastructure construction project in the future, coinciding with NEA’s development concept of a charging network. According to the data obtained from NEA, around sixty percent of the charging piles connected to the platform are fast charging piles, including many DC fast charging stations, from XPeng, NIO, TELD, and Star Charge. In comparison, fast charging piles only account for 40% among public charging piles across the country’s new energy vehicle charging industry.

XPeng is the latest OEM to partner with NEA to achieve data interconnection, with the platform’s industry partners spanning NIO, Li, Neta, Guangzhou Honda, and FAW Volkswagen. For consumers, it has built charging portals into mobile apps that are commonly used in China, such as Alipay, UnionPay, Amap, and Baidu Map, to help users find charging points more easily.