The automotive technology supplier TomTom has announced an expanded partnership with Stellantis, through which it will provide its full suite of services to the new Opel Astra. The recently launched hatchback features TomTom’s latest full-stack navigation solution, which enables OTA updates for maps while providing new connected service and map-based ADAS features.

TomTom’s map information and navigation guidance is available across the new Astra’s Pure Panel display screens as well as the HUD. The system is also accessible through voice control, a method through which TomTom hopes to reduce driver distraction.

In further expanding the functionality of Opel’s new model TomTom has provided its full array of connected services – including those that provide information on traffic and charging points – as well as its wider family of dedicated EV services.

Integrated in the new Astra’s Intelli-Drive 2.0 assistance system are TomTom’s ADAS Map and electronic horizon solution. The solution enables the system to map the road ahead, going beyond the defined range of its sensors. With the assistance of TomTom’s ADAS, the system can adapt the speed in curves, make speed recommendations, and perform semi-automatic lane changes.