Toyota has announced a range of new vehicles to be sold under the Crown marque, with each one representing a different automotive segment. The models provided by the OEM in this range include a crossover, sports vehicle, sedan, and an estate. The first of these to launch will be the Crown (Crossover type) in fall 2022. While release dates will vary, Toyota confirmed that the series will roll out in around 40 countries and regions.

In addition to the Crossover type, the Sport type combines a sedan with an SUV to offer a sport-like driving experience. The dedicated Sedan type provides a more formal design, while the Estate type functions as a typical SUV, providing enhanced driving space over its counterparts.

The vehicle’s hybrid system combines an inline 4-cylinder turbo engine with the latest eAxle electric powertrain and a newly-developed bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery – though the performance specifications of this combination have not yet been detailed. Inside, a horizontally-integrated display and operating equipment heads the infotainment system.

In leveraging Toyota’s TNGA platform, the Crossover type prioritizes ease of entry and exit, and driving, while providing a lightweight, high-rigidity body. Upon release, the OEM confirmed that the vehicle would be offered on KINTO – its car subscription service. When ordered through the service, insurance, maintenance, and other expenses come included in its monthly payment plan.

If the user selects the Cancellation Fee Free Plan as their chosen payment method for the service, the cancellation fee can be reduced to zero and the vehicle usage continued after the initial three-year contract period. In executing this, a predetermined application fee must be paid by the user.