Mercedes-Benz Vans and Rivian have signed a Memorandum of Understanding – initiating a strategic partnership that will see them cooperate on the production of electric vans.

Subject to final binding agreements and obtaining the relevant regulatory clearances, the companies intend to establish a new joint venture manufacturing company. Through the venture, they will equally invest in and operate a factory in Europe capable of producing large electric vans – these vans will then be delivered to each OEM. With production expected to start in the near future, the companies aim to build an all-new, electric-only, production facility that leverages an existing site owned by Mercedes-Benz located in Central-Eastern Europe.

Together, Rivian and Mercedes-Benz Vans envisage production-optimized vehicle designs for efficient manufacturing on common assembly lines. Here, they will aim to produce two large vans: one based on Mercedes-Benz Vans’ VAN.EA architecture, and another based on the second-generation Rivian Light Van platform. Further options for increased synergies from the joint venture will also be explored.

The joint venture mirrors the common objectives of Mercedes-Benz Vans and Rivian, to encourage the adoption of cleaner transportation worldwide. In working together, both companies will be able to leverage operations synergies and substantially increase cost efficiency – enabling more affordable vans for commercial customers, driven by total cost of ownership.