Renault has revealed a pair of new electric vans at the 2022 IAA Transportation exhibition. The bi-annual event is being held for the first time in four years at the Hanover Fairground exhibition center in Germany, following the cancellation of the 2020 edition.

At the forefront of Renault’s offering on the exhibition floor is the Trafic Van E-Tech Electric, a BEV variant of the brand’s Trafic van. Renault has said that the BEV will provide an equal number of features and customization options as its ICE counterpart, including a large load capacity, vehicle modularity, and a flexible range of size configurations for customers to choose from. Exclusive additions for the electric van will include new safety features, a revised multimedia system, and a wider range of engines.

At launch, customers will have the choice between a length of 5.08 meters (16.67 feet) or 5.48 meters (17.98 feet), and a height of 1.967 meters (6.45 feet) or 2.498 meters (8.20 feet). The load volume similarly ranges from 5.8 cubic meters (205 cubic feet) to 8.9 cubic meters (314 cubic feet), while the load length can extend up to 4.15 meters (13.61 feet) long. Renault confirmed that this maximum length would be offered exclusively on an extended L2 model, which features a through load bulkhead.

The Trafic Van E-Tech Electric is equipped with a 90 kW (121 hp) electric motor that supports a maximum carrying capacity of up to 1.1 tons (2,340 lb), and a maximum towing capacity of 750 kg (1,653 lb). The motor draws power from a 52-kW battery which offers a 149-mile (240 km) range on a single charge. When the battery needs recharging, the van offers customers the choice between a single-phase 7 kW AC charger, a 22 kW AC charger for rapid charging at public charging stations, and an optional 50 kW DC charger that enables fast charging on motorways. Pricing details for the full Trafic Van E-Tech Electric line-up will be revealed ahead of its early 2023 launch.

IAA Transportation attendees visiting Renault’s booth will also find the Hippie Caviar Motel, an electric van concept designed as a follow-up to the Trafic-inspired Hippie Caviar Hotel. Much like the Hotel, Renault’s Motel model works to preview the brand’s approach to an electric camper van that prioritizes comfort and features a wide set of amenities. Equipped with a ski rack and storage solutions for sporting equipment, it is primarily aimed at adventurers and sports enthusiasts seeking to explore the outdoors.

Built on the Kangoo L2 E-Tech, the Hippie Caviar Motel offers a maximum range of 177 miles (284 km) on a 90 kW (120 hp) electric motor. Supporting both is a 45 kWh battery that can be charged at 80 kW DC public charging outlets. When charging at these stations, the electric van can replenish around 106 miles (170 km) of driving range within 30 minutes. Further convenience features offered in the electric concept van include a folding bench that can be reconfigured into a single bed and a panoramic roof.