Volvo has confirmed that its upcoming EX90 EV will be its first to support bi-directional charging capabilities. Initially available in select markets, the feature allows the user to power their home and other electric devices with through the EV’s battery. Along with being able to charge appliances and other devices, the car will have the capability to lend a helping hand and give some of its charge to other compatible Volvos.

When paired with smart-charging capabilities coming to the Volvo Cars smartphone app, available today for iOS and Android, the Volvo EX90 will allow users to charge the car when demand from the grid and prices are low, allowing energy to be saved and stored for later use.

Where available, the charging process will be automatic and managed by the smart charging functionality in the Volvo Cars app. The feature’s underlying algorithm also ensures that users charge and discharge the battery in a limited way, reducing the risk of avoidable battery degradation.

Depending on rules specific to each energy market, bi-directional charging could also allow customers to support the grid. This support could entail taking in more energy during times when there’s a surplus of renewable energy, or selling energy back during peak usage hours when there is more demand.

In addition to supplying the software needed to benefit from bi-directional charging, Volvo plans to provide its customers with the necessary hardware to active and use it. This package will include an advanced wall box and a home energy management system, while available accessories such as adapter plugs for appliances, and cables for charging other vehicles, will be offered separately.