HERE Technologies has announced that the BMW Group is utilizing its HD Live Map to enable hands-free driving in the U.S. and Canada.

Expanding on the OEM’s hands-free driving technology, HERE’s live map enables hands-free driving on select interstates and highways, provided the driver remains focused on the road ahead and is ready to take control back from the system as and when necessary.

The HERE platform also allows the vehicle’s navigation system to display where the 7 Series’ L2+ autonomous function can be activated safely. The technology company confirmed that the HERE HD Live Map will be integrated into more BMW vehicles, and usable on more roadways and regions, over time.

The all-new BMW 7 Series will also provide its users with HERE’s Predictive Routing system, a cloud-based routing functionality that learns individual driving patterns to propose personalized journeys. Users in 70 countries will benefit further from HERE Real Time Traffic, a service that delivers detailed traffic congestion information – providing lane-level accuracy and identifying potential road hazards ahead. Its automatic re-routing capabilities work to strength safety while saving time.