Geotab has partnered with Atom Power to deliver charging infrastructure integrations within MyGeotab, its fleet management platform. The collaboration will primarily aim to help fleet operators looking to electrify their vehicles. Here, dedicated analytics and EV charging structure provided by the companies will work to make fleet electrification simpler and more cost-effective.

At the center of the collaboration is the pairing of Atom Power’s plug-in with Geotab’s data intelligence, which provides a customer experience through the dashboard. The integrated platform offers analytics around EV charging performance, asset location information, charging data, completion times, peak management, and time-of-use incorporation. Providing these analytics through the integrated platform eliminates the need for fleet operators to outsource this analysis to a third party – saving time and money in the process.

Geotab’s geofencing and EV altering features are similarly paired with Atom Power’s EV charging infrastructure to help fleet operators manage their EVs in real-time. Here, they can monitor fleet activity through the MyGeotab portal with an embedded Atom Power dashboard view.

Looking ahead, Geotab will continue to scale its EVSE integration ecosystem, providing its customers with solutions that support both the adoption and operationalization of EV into their fleets.