Hella and ADAC, an automobile association based in Germany, will expand their long-term partnership through the launch and operations of ADAC Smart Connect, a system co-developed by the firms over a two year period.

ADAC Smart Connect is a cloud-based system that enables fault-based initial diagnosis of a vehicle remotely. At the core of the system is a digital product developed by Hella Gutmann and Munic S.A. under the project name macsLive. It provides mobility service providers, fleet operators, and insurers with valuable information that helps minimize vehicle downtime.

macsLive will also work to benefit workshops and drivers through the quick, and early, transfer of information between the vehicle and a technical control center. The only requirement is that the telematics dongle must be inserted in the OBD interface of the vehicle involved.

Only relevant vehicle and system diagnostic data (such as fault codes, parameters, etc.) is transmitted by radio to the ADAC or Hella Gutmann cloud. Here, experts can make decisions about necessary maintenance actions – such as the mobile deployment of a technician with the appropriate battery or the information of a nearby workshop. Due to data protection reasons, individual driving profiles will not be compiled by the product.

In close cooperation between ADAC and Hella Gutmann, the project is now already entering its second stage. By the end of the year, the companies are looking to equip more than 10,000 vehicles with ADAC Smart Connect. ADAC is now inviting interested club members, through its members’ magazine, to help develop the smart breakdown service. HELLA and Hella Gutmann employees will provide further support to the project.