Hyundai Mobis has revealed a new technology called Quick Menu Selection, a proximity detection pop-up display system. It allows users to open frequently-used menus by moving their hand near a display, before selecting a menu with a gesture and a tap.

It applies a proximity sensor to the in-vehicle displays to help users interact with IVI systems more efficiently. Upon detecting that the user’s hands are in close proximity to the screen, it opens frequently-used pop-up menus. A swipe gesture can also be used to access the user’s desired menu. The system leverages IR sensors to sense the user’s in-vehicle position. Ultimately, through this use case, Hyundai Mobis is looking to add convenience while enhancing user safety.

Hyundai Mobis Quick Menu Selection uses time difference light sensing technology to minimize the number of sensors required. It likewise applies automatic calibration (monitor calibration) technology based on an algorithm that helps improve the detection accuracy of hand gestures and the hand’s direction of movement.

In making Quick Menu Selection more accessible, Hyundai Mobis combined it with responsive UX and UI solutions that can detect the distance and position of objects.