Nissan has launched EV Carefree+, a customer care initiative specifically targeting electric vehicles. Announced at AutoMobility LA, it will offer a package of charging and maintenance benefits for owners of the OEM’s Ariya and Leaf EVs.

EV Carefree is comprised of four key support area – EV Charging Assistance, Included Maintenance, EV Battery Health Assurance, and EV Roadside Assistance.

EV Charging Assistance provides buyers or lessees of the 2023 Ariya and 2023 Leaf models complimentary offers for EVgo’s public fast-charging network. Ariya drivers will receive one year of free, unlimited charging, on the network, while Leaf drivers will benefit from a $100 EVgo charging credit. Owners of both are provided with a home charging solution in a collaboration between Nissan and Wallbox.

With Included Maintenance, scheduled maintenance services are included for three years (or the first 36,000 miles / 57,936 kilometers of driving range). These services are performed by Nissan-trained technicians at EV-certified dealerships. The initiative’s EV Battery Health Assurance ensures that every EV released by Nissan has a eight-year (or 100,000-mile / 160,934-km) battery warranty, offering multi-point EV-specific inspection reports when it’s time for service.

A dedicated EV Roadside Assistance service ensures that Nissan EV owners are covered by 24/7 Roadside Assistance – which includes out-of-charge towing to the nearest Nissan dealership or charging location. The car can also be towed back to the owner’s residence at their request. This service is active for three years or 36,000 miles (57,936 km) from purchase.

In addition to its offering on the new Ariya and Leaf models, Nissan confirmed that EV Carefree+ will be available for its future EVs. The introduction of the package works to support the OEM’s Ambition 2030 plan, through which it aims to have 40% of its U.S. sales comprise of EVs before the end of the decade.