In a new partnership with Chevrolet, Domino’s Pizza has acquired 855 Chevy Bolt EVs to form an all-electric delivery fleet.

The restaurant chain confirmed that the roll out of this fleet would begin next month, with more than 100 custom branded Bolt models set to arrive at select franchise and corporate stores across the U.S. It expects all 855 to be in service before the end of 2023.

With the fleet, Domino’s is looking to maximize its delivery operations while cutting costs in the process. Here, Domino’s said that the Chevy Bolt’s battery, which provides 259 miles of range, could allow each vehicle to operate over several delivery days before needing to recharge. The EV’s zero tailpipe emissions, advanced safety features, and reduced maintenance costs were highlighted as further advantages. In adopting EVs, the company also hopes to avoid the financial impacts of increasing gas prices, attract new employees who don’t own a vehicle, and accelerate its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

To support these operations, and the fleet vehicles themselves, Domino’s has partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management – a provider of customized fleet services. The fleet management firm will provide Domino’s with local hands-on account management, vehicle acquisition support, financing, telematics solutions, and maintenance for every Bolt EV in the fleet.