Audi has announced that its EV charging service – called Audi Charging – will commence operations on January 1, 2023. At launch, it will be offered in 27 countries, including Germany, with the OEM planning to expand its service area over the course of the year. The service will offer customers access to 400,000 charging points from more than 800 CPOs (charge point operators). Around 1,900 of these points will be high-performance 350 kW DC chargers from IONITY, and will be positioned along major traffic routes.

To facilitate its new network, Audi will collaborate with Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH and its Elli brand. The network itself with replace the Audi e-tron Charging Service, launched four years ago, with all Audi EV customers switching to the new service with a choice of three dynamic tariffs – Pro, Plus, and Basic. Access to the network is granted to anyone who buys a new fully electric Audi.

The pro tariff is aimed at EV drivers who recharge their vehicle frequently. Provided with a monthly base fee of €14.99 in Germany, drivers on the tariff are offered a price of 45 cents per kilowatt hour at AC charging stations. On IONITY’s DC stations, the pro tariff’s high-power charging cost is 35 cents per kilowatt hour.

Audi has confirmed that within the first year of the vehicle purchase, it will cover the pro tariff’s base fee – meaning the user only needs to pay for the per kilowatt hour cost. However, even when including the base fee, the monthly charge is amortized after only 35 kilowatt hours a month. This is equivalent to one average charge at one of the IONITY chargers.

The Plus tariff is offered at a monthly base fee of €7.99, aimed at drivers who only need to charge occasionally. It offers economical prices at AC and DC charging stations alike, with a minimum charge of only 48 kWh required at a DC charging station per month.

The Basic tariff is the lowest – with no monthly fee applied, but a higher per kilowatt hour price to compensate. Unlike the prior tariffs, Audi is targeting the Basic tariff at home chargers who very occasionally charge on the road. This tariff provides full access to stations across the European charging network as well as their comfort functions.

These comfort functions include the integration of the charging points into EV’s navigation charge planning feature – in both the MMI infotainment system and the smartphone app. Through the myAudi app, or a RFID card provided with the service, users can activate charging stations and begin the charging process.

Following the initial launch of its new network, Audi has confirmed that it will make the Plug&Charge standard available across its network. Already available at IONITY and Aral Pulse stations, the standard allow drivers to insert the charging cable after a one-time activation inside the vehicle, in which the charging station and car communicate via an encrypted connection. The charging process starts automatically, and payment is taken through the user’s chosen payment method stored in the myAudi app (such as a credit card).

Audi is similarly looking to leverage the myAudi app as its network evolves. In the future, owners will be able to manage the full Audi contract and quickly book in another tariff. It will also indicate pricing information for the user’s selected charging station, with summaries provided for almost all charging sessions.