Airbus and Renault Group have signed a research and development agreement, through which both companies are looking to accelerate their respective electrification roadmaps. For Airbus, the collaboration will help it mature its technologies associated with future hybrid-electric aircraft models, while enhancing transversalities and synergies for itself and Renault.

Through the partnership, engineering teams from Airbus and Renault Group will jointly work to mature technologies related to energy storage. The cooperation agreement will notably cover technology bricks related to energy management optimisation and battery weight improvement. The teams involved will also investigate the best pathways to move from the cell chemistries used in batteries today to all solid-state designs which could double the energy density of batteries in the 2030 timeframe.

The joint work will further study the full lifecycle of future batteries, from production to recyclability, in order to prepare the industrialization of their designs while assessing their carbon footprint across their lifecycle.