Mapbox has announced a partnership with Toyota Motor Europe, through which it will supply the OEM with Mapbox Dash, its cloud navigation SaaS product.

The product will be made available to Toyota’s European Yaris, Yaris Cross, and Aygo X models – providing customers with moment-by-moment information to support efficient, convenient, and safe journeys. In addition to lane-level navigation, Mapbox Dash further provides a suite of parking search features, including real-time parking availability, speed limit and speed camera warnings. A separate pilot involving the system will allow drivers in select cities and countries to handle parking and fuel payments inside the vehicle, using the infotainment system to do so.

Mapbox Dash combines the company’s platform capabilities across multiple areas – including navigation, search and visualization, and traffic data – and enables OEMs to launch complex in-vehicle integrations. The product’s form factor allows OEMs to leverage the customizability of the platform while reducing the need for dedicated engineering resources.

In adopting Mapbox Dash, Toyota Motor Europe will look to deliver a branded, personalized, in-vehicle navigation system that operates on the IVI display without the need for the user to plug in a smartphone.

Customers who purchase vehicles from Toyota Motor Europe with Mapbox Dash will be using up-to-date data from the cloud. In addition, their vehicles will receive feature updates to the base map and core software that continuously work to optimize the user experience.