EVgo has announced a partnership with Amazon that will facilitate, and support, an Alexa-enabled EV charging experience.

Their collaboration will see Alexa gain new functionality based around this experience – helping drivers find and navigate to nearby charging stations. The assistant will further assist the driver in initiating and paying for charging sessions at EVgo’s stations. Both Amazon and EVgo are expecting to roll out their new in-vehicle functionality to Alexa-enabled vehicles and automotive Alexa devices, such as the Echo Auto, before the end of the year.

The jointly developed, Alexa-enabled, charging experience will leverage PlugShare and EVgo Inside. Integrated with the Alexa app, the PlugShare API will allow customers to locate nearby charging stations and access its public EV charging map. The app’s integration with EVgo Inside will allow customers to register a new account with EVgo, locate EVgo charging stations, and initiate and pay for a charging session without leaving the app itself. In the future, the companies will also allow customers to view real-time charger availability as well as session and billing information.