Revel, a Brooklyn-based electric mobility and infrastructure company, will develop and open five new EV fast charging Superhubs in New York City – adding 136 public charging points to its network. The company’s new sites will be open to all EVs and operate on a 24/7 basis, while their ultrafast charging points will be capable of fully re-charging an EV in 10 to 20 minutes.

The new Superhubs will be installed in residential and commercial locations across the city, with a different number of charging stalls allocated to each one. The largest will be in Maspeth, Queens, which will house 60 stalls. Another in Port Morris, The Bronx, will offer 30 stalls, while a Superhub in Red Hook, Brooklyn will be responsible for 20. At the Dime building in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the company will offer 16 stalls near its headquarters – while 10 will be provided to Pier 36, an event space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Revel expects the Maspeth, Port Morris, South Williamsburg, and Lower East Side sites to open for the public by the end of 2023, while the Red Hook site will open in 2024. As they roll out, Revel itself will use these sites to power EVs in its own rideshare fleet. The Maspeth Superhub will be situated on a high-traffic corridor for light-and heavy-duty vehicles servicing the transportation, delivery and freight sectors.

In Brooklyn, Revel’s South Williamsburg Superhub will target the Dime building’s residential and corporate tenants, as well as the general public. Its Red Hook Superhub, also known as the Red Hook Recharge Zone, will be developed with community partners including Green City Force and Empire Clean Cities. In addition to its charging stalls, the site will house a multi-use community center, which will provide green jobs training to local residents. Revel’s Bronx Superhub will be the first public fast charging site anywhere in the borough, while the Lower East Side Superhub at Pier 36 offers accessible charging for commuters and for-hire-vehicle operators alike.

Alongside the expansion, Revel launched an interactive digital map of New York City’s public fast charging stations. It provides users with the location, number of stalls, plug types, charging speeds, opening hours, and fee information for stations across the city – including the company’s Superhubs. With the map, Revel hopes to offer a public resource for New York residents looking to go electric.