Tevva, a EV manufacturer based in the UK, has received European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) for its 7.5-tonne battery-electric truck.

Having received this approval, the OEM confirmed plans to mass-produce and sell the truck in the UK and further across Europe. In receiving the ECWVTA for both the EU and UK, with support from the Vehicle Certification Agency and Swedish Transport Agency, the truck underwent 30 system tests – ensuring its electric safety and electromagnetic compatibility were up to the latest standards.

The first mass-produced trucks from Tevva have already been delivered to its clients in the region – including Expect Distribution, Travis Perkins, and Royal Mail. The company expects to sell up to 1,000 of its electric trucks in 2023. The truck itself offers commercial customers (particularly those in the last-mile and urban delivery sectors) a maximum range of 140 miles (227 km), enabled by a 105-kWh battery pack. On a 22-kW AC Type 2 charger, Tevva estimates that charging the truck up to 90% will take five hours.

Later in 2023, it plans to launch a 7.5-tonne hydrogen-electric truck, although a precise release date is yet to be confirmed. Sharing the same battery pack and charging estimates as its EV counterpart, the variant utilizes a hydrogen range-extender to bring its total range up to 354 miles (570 km). The FCEV benefits further from its five-minute H2 refueling time, based on Tevva’s estimates.

Inside, both models share the same set of standard infotainment technologies and features – including a full digital cluster, 3 USB ports, 2 12-V power sockets, and Tevva’s telematics system.