Kia has partnered with &Charge to enhance its EV charging services in Europe. In offering the &Charge platform to its customers in the region, Kia aims to support its ambition to remove the obstacles hindering e-mobility’s growth.

The &Charge service allows users to collect EV charging credits called &Charge Kilometres. These credits can then be stored on the OEM’s Kia Charge smartphone app, and used to pay for public charging sessions. Users can earn credits by partaking in a number of activities – such as providing feedback on the quality of the charging experience, and shopping online at &Charge’s partner stores.

Kia’s partnership with &Charge will also work to support the enhancement of charging stations over time. Through the &Charge mobile app, Kia customers can provide real-time feedback on the performance of individual charging points. This crowd-sourced data can then used to help charge point operators verify issues to quickly improve the reliability and user experience at their public charging stations.

The Kia &Charge service will initially be available from December 2022 in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the UK. In Q1 2023, the joint service will launch in the Czech Republic and Poland.