WiTricity, a developer of wireless charging systems for EVs, has announced a partnership with VTT, a European research institution, through which it will install its charging technology to support the EU-funded Reflective project. Together, the firms will help evaluate wireless charging as part of Reflective’s work on the development and testing of a light EV designed for urban environments.

The announcement follows the installation and testing of WiTricity’s wireless charging system at VTT’s laboratory facility in Tampere, Finland. The developer’s Halo chargers allow users to park their vehicle and charge wirelessly at 11 kW. This power rating allows for around 25 to 35 miles (40 – 56 km) of range to be replenished per hour. Light vehicles, such as the one being developed for Reflective, can regain up to 50 miles (80 km) of range when using Halo.

For both companies, the next step of the partnership will be to integrate the wireless charger into the Reflective vehicle. The EV’s automated driving system, developed by Sensible 4, will support this stage – autonomously repositioning and parking the vehicle directly on top of the charger.