Hitachi Astemo, Trend Micro and VicOne have expanded their collaboration to provide security solutions for connected cars, aiming now for a jointly developed solution to enter commercialization by 2025.

Hitachi Astemo’s division that develops in-vehicle components for connected cars has been working with Trend Micro on the joint development of security solutions for connected cars. With VicOne, both partners will expand their collaboration on security solutions – extending its scope towards the in-vehicle side of the business.

The collaboration will combine Hitachi Astemo’s Edge-SIEM security solution for automobiles with Trend Micro and VicOne’s xCarbon embedded security solution for in-vehicle systems. Together, the combined product will provide security solutions that help detect and mitigate cyber attacks and their risks to connected cars.

xCarbon specifically protects information-related ECUs from cyber attacks, including devices installed in IVI systems that communicate over the Internet with embedded high-performance OS and services, such as car navigation systems. In real time, xCarbon detects and blocks attacks that exploit vulnerabilities, communications with command and control servers that are remotely controlled by cyber attackers, communications used by malware, and unauthorized file rewriting.