Lexus has announced that it will work with ChargePoint and Qmerit to offer home chargers, installation services, and an extended network of public charging EV stations. The collaboration is targeted primarily at owners of the OEM’s RZ 450e model.

As part of the collaboration, select Lexus dealers will begin offering customers the option to directly purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex L2 charger with them, or through ChargePoint’s own website. With Home Flex, users can replenish up to 25 miles of range per hour and is capable of a full battery recharge when plugged in overnight. The wi-fi enabled system can be installed indoors or outdoors, and comes with a 23-ft charging cable to support different parking configurations and enhanced ease-of-use.

Qmerit will educate Lexus customers on the various installation options available for the ChargePoint Home Flex, and help them understand the installation process as a whole. The company’s services include locating a certified electrician to install the charger, providing an initial, free, quote, and more.

While the partnership focuses primarily on home charging, it will also encompass public charging through ChargePoint’s network of L2 and L3 DC fast-chargers. This network spans across North America and includes roaming partner stations. RZ 450e customers will be able to use Lexus’ mobile app to find, use, and pay to charge their vehicle on the ChargePoint public network among others.