SEAT S.A. has announced plans to invest a total of €3 billion ($3.1 billion) into its Martorell, Spain plant to prepare it for the high-volume production of new EVs. The investment is the Volkswagen brand’s first step in a broader electrification plan that will encompass changes to its R&D, production, logistics, commercial, people, and organizational operations.

Through its plan, the brand expects its Martorell plant to commence production on EVs by 2025 – developing vehicles for various brands within the Volkswagen Group. Upon achieving this goal, SEAT hopes that the plant will become one of the Group’s leading production hubs for EVs while playing a key role in Spain’s EV value chain.

SEAT’s plans align with the Future: Fast Forward project – a commitment by the brand and its parent company to the electrification of Spain. In addition to facilitating the electrification of the Martorell plant, the plan will also encourage the electrification of the brand’s factory in Pamplona, the construction of a new battery gigafactory in Sagunto, Valencia, and the creation of a complete supplier ecosystem.

For employees working at the Martorell plant, SEAT will offer an extensive training plan that complements the plant’s shift to electrification and aims to enhance organization while helping teams through the changes. The brand will likewise invest in its own production facilities to aid the plant’s transition into a smart factory. Here, it will implement a variety of data and business intelligence tools, virtual reality technologies, and utilize big data to improve production processes and real-time monitoring.