Buick has revealed the interior design and smart cockpit system powering the Electra E5, the GM brand’s first Ultium-based EV. The large, five-seat, electric SUV incorporates the Eyemax freeform display and Buick’s all-new Virtual Cockpit System alongside further technologies, such as 5G connectivity.

GM’s new Ultium EV platform, paired with the Electra E5’s efficient cockpit layout, provides increased interior space – making the vehicle safer, smarter, and more comfortable. In this space, a 30-inch 6K curved Eyemax heads up the infotainment system and is accompanied by a 12.6-inch color HUD that displays important vehicle information, such as its speed and navigation, to reduce the risk of distracted driving. In addition, the Electra E5 comes standard with upgraded Buick QuietTuning technology, an advanced Bose audio system, wireless phone charging, and the BioCare intelligent cabin purifying system to help create a more relaxed, comfortable user experience.

Leveraging the latest generation of Buick’s eConnect connectivity system, the Electra E5 provides access to an ecosystem of multimedia content through built-in vehicle apps. Interactions with this system will become more streamlined through upgraded intelligent voice commands, customized configurations, and individual recommendations. Further convenience features include wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay as well as a digital iKey feature for keyless entry and remote vehicle diagnostics.

Supporting the operations of the EV’s digital connectivity features is its VIP electric architecture – which leverages a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. In the Electra E5, it enables 5G technology, allowing for fast data transmission and smooth operation, and support for OTA updates on multiple vehicle modules at the same time.