Hyundai has revealed the all-new Kona, a SUV led by an all-electric variant that offers enhanced safety and convenience features as well as class-leading range. Supporting this variant are hybrid electric and ICE versions alongside sporty N Line versions of each powertrain option.

Developed as an EV first, in relation to the OEM’s electrification strategy, the Kona Electric offers an estimated 304-mile (490 km) range. Its design incorporates a variety of EV-specific elements, including interior and exterior V2L outlets, frunk storage, a HUD, an i-PEDAL driving mode, Smart Regenerative System, and more.

Inside, a new layout sees the shift-by-wire gear selector relocated from the center console to behind the steering wheel – allowing for more storage in the open console area. The driver-centric front row is accentuated by a floating horizontal C-Pad, while the infotainment system is led by integrated dual 12.3-inch panoramic display screens. An accompanying HUD displays relevant vehicle information for the driver as a 12-inch projection on the windshield.

Its V2L capabilities can power a variety of devices or charge larger electrical equipment. Inside, devices can be plugged into a standard outlet on the rear console when the EV is powered on. Externally, devices and home appliances can be plugged in using a V2L adapter, using the battery’s power when the EV is parked.

In addition to supporting continuous Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates, the new Kona can be locked, unlocked and started through Digital Key 2 Touch. This feature utilizes near-field communication (NFC) technology to help the user’s smart phone or smart watch communicate with the vehicle. Further convenience features include a Bose Premium Sound System, four USB-C chargers (two in the front and two in the rear of the vehicle). While leveraging the latest version of Hyundai’s connectivity technology, the OEM confirmed that its Bluelink streaming service for music and videos will be provided on the new Kona at a later date.

The new Kona will also be the first Hyundai model to apply the new Connected Car Navigation Cockpit, which provides enhanced graphics and unity between the vehicle’s displays.