Mercedes-Benz has launched Mercedes pay+, an all-new digital payment service that can be used natively inside its vehicles.

The payments carried out through the service are enabled and authorized by a fingerprint sensor built into select Mercedes-Benz vehicles – including the S-Class, C-Class, and new GLC as well as those in the EQS and EQE series. The solution itself will leverage Visa’s Delegated Authentication and Cloud Token Framework technology, as well as biometric two factor authentication, to enable its native in-car payments. Visa’s Cloud Tokens provide further security by protecting and encrypting sensitive payment information by converting this data and storing it securely.

A key example of how and where Mercedes pay+ can be used by customers is within the OEM’s own MBUX infotainment system. Here, users will be able to leverage its in-car payment capabilities to activate, and subscribe to, a variety of digital services. After selecting their desired service, the user can then authorize the transaction with their fingerprint. The same process can be carried out when activating and purchasing upgrades to the vehicle software or unlocking pre-installed hardware components (such as the available Remote Parking Assist feature).

Cardholders with an eligible Visa credit or debit card, and a compatible vehicle, can activate native Mercedes pay+ by linking their card with their Mercedes me user account, and activating pay+ in the vehicle. While the new service will launch first for Visa card owners, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that more card systems will be added and enabled other time.

Mercedes pay+ is available now in Germany, with plans to launch it in other markets across Europe over the course of 2023. Over time, the reach of Mercedes’ native in-car payments will expand to a broader range of use cases, such as fueling.