Nissan has unveiled ‘X-in-1’, its new approach to electrified powertrain development. Under the approach, Nissan’s core EV and e-POWER powertrain components will be shared and modularized – resulting in a 30% reduction in development and manufacturing costs by 2026.

To illustrate the concept, the OEM developed a 3-in-1 powertrain prototype – which modularizes the motor, inverter, and reducer and is planned for use in its future EVs. A 5-in-1 prototype, which additionally modularizes the generator and increaser, is likewise planned for use in its e-POWER vehicles. In both cases, and for further possible variants, X-in1 will see components for EV and e-POWER vehicles produced on the same line.

In addition to its reductions in development and manufacturing costs, Nissan outlined further benefits of the approach – including its ability to improve driving performance and minimize noise and vibration, based on its reduced size and weight. Another benefit comes earlier in the development cycle, as the powertrain adopts a newly developed motor which reduces the use of heavy rare earth elements to one percent or less of the magnet weight.

X-in-1 is ultimately working to help Nissan achieve Ambition 2030 – its roadmap to launch 27 new electrified models, including 19 pure-EVs before the end of the decade. This rollout will look to offer a variety of solutions to a broad range of customers across several markets.