Audi has announced a new software update for its Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback 2-tron, with the version 3.2 update being rolled out to all vehicles from the start of series production through to the 2022 model year. On vehicles built in the 2023 model year, the update will come as standard.

Included in the update is the ability for users to create personal profiles and a new integration with the e-tron route planner in the myAudi smartphone app, as well as the ability for the software to save navigation data, including recent destinations. With myAudi, Q4 e-tron owners will now be able to use the app to locate the car’s parking position and check a variety of status messages. Owners can now, likewise, benefit from an online roadside assistance call with Audi damage service should their EV break down or be involved in an accident.

The new software update can also enhance the EV charging experience through a new ‘preferred charging time’ function, which helps the user schedule charging sessions. Through the timers in the car and the myAudi app, the user can for example set up a defined charging window – such as low-cost times at night – with a variable-rate electricity plan.

During preconditioning with the departure timer, the energy that is needed to warm the interior in the winter is directed to the car during charging through an external energy source – such as a home Wallbox or public charging point. Similarly, the software’s reworked thermal management system optimizes consumption by taking the outside temperature and state of charge into account when conditioning the battery.

Further along the update’s charging benefits is an improved charging power control system that increases the Q4 e-tron’s DC charging power to 135 kW. Customers will now also have access to a battery protection function that automatically holds the battery in the ideal state of charge, limiting it to 80 percent. The 3.2 update will also activate Plug&Charge, together with a charging contract from the Audi charging service. At compatible charging stations, the vehicle automatically authorizes and activates the station when the charging cable is plugged in, with payment taken automatically once the charging session is complete.

All Q4 e-trons made in 2023, or later, will feature Plug and Charge as standard alongside the ability to perform software updates via a wireless over-the-air interface.