Lamborghini has unveiled Revuelto, its super sports PHEV. Referred to by the luxury automaker as a High Performance Electrified Vehicle, the all-new model offers a broad variety of electrified performance features and drive mode configurations, as well as an advanced range of standard technologies.

At the core of the Revuelto is its plug-in hybrid powertrain, which pairs a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter mid-mounted V12 engine with three electric motors and a new double-clutch gearbox. Within this combination, two of these motors are positioned on the front axle, while the third is integrated into the gearbox – mounted transversely and placed behind the engine for the first time in a Lamborghini vehicle.

Together, all three motors are powered by a 3.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack located in place of the transmission tunnel seen in prior Lamborghini models that, itself, supports the Revuelto’s all-electric drive mode. This full setup, alongside the vehicle’s lightweight carbon fiber design and weight-to-power ratio, enables its key performance specifications – such as its maximum system output of 1001 hp (736 kW), 0 – 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 2.5 seconds, and a top speed exceeding 217 mph (350 km/h).

On its own, the new L545 engine powering the Revuelto accounts for 813 hp (597 kW) of its full output at 9250 rpm, with its maximum torque rated at 725 Nm (534 lb-ft). Likewise, the front electric motors each offer a 149 hp (110 kW) output and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque – while the rear motor provides the same power output with a peak torque of 150 Nm (110 lb-ft). In addition to supplying energy to the front motors, the rear motor also functions as a starter motor and generator and can provide power to the PHEV’s rear wheels – enabling its AWD capability.

The front motors similarly offer further capabilities – including a new torque vectoring function that optimizes driving dynamics while recuperating energy produced during braking. In its all-electric mode, the Revuelto switches to front-wheel drive – engaging these motors and only activating electric drive to the rear axle when necessary. When depleted, the vehicle’s battery can be charged on AC at up to 7 kW, where Lamborghini expects a full recharge to take around 30 minutes. Regenerative braking from the front wheels or V12 engine can also be used to charge the battery, with this process taking six minutes.

The driving experiences offered to the user through this powertrain come in the form of 13 potential combinations of the Revuelto’s dynamic and powertrain modes. Here, Lamborghini has introduced three new powertrain modes alongside its hybrid system – Recharge, Hybrid, and Performance – which are selected by a rotor on the steering wheel. Another rotor allows the user to select their preferred driving mode – Città, Strada, Sport, and Corsa – as well as an ‘ESC Off’ mode for the track.

Città (the Italian word for city) operates as Revuelto’s all-electric driving mode and is designed for everyday use in cities and other urban centers. Limiting the PHEV’s maximum power output to 177 hp (130 kW), this mode largely leverages its lithium-ion battery – though if the battery runs out, the V12 automatically intervenes to recharge it. Unlike its other driving modes, Città cannot be combined with the Revuelto’s three powertrain modes. The Strada mode increases the limit on the powertrain’s maximum output to 873 hp (642 kW) to support dynamic daily driving and longer journeys. Here, the V12 is always active and constantly supply charge to the battery pack, while torque vectoring is enabled in the front e-axle.

A Sport mode offers 894 hp (657 kW) of power, with the V12 engine aided by the hybrid system and active in all three combinable powertrain modes. Lamborghini has said that this mode also enhances the responsiveness of the gearbox while improving the vehicle’s overall agility. Corsa, the Revuelto’s track mode, removes any limitations to the system’s power when paired with the Performance mode – allowing the driver to access all 1001 hp (735 kW) of its maximum output. The control of the vehicle’s hybrid system is likewise calibrated to maximize the potential of the e-axle for its torque vectoring and all-wheel drive capabilities. A further mode allows for the ESC to be disabled, enabling the PHEV’s maximum available power to be experienced without active controls. With this mode, the driver can also experience a standing start at full power through a dedicated Launch Control function.

Inside, the Revuelto offers a suite of technologies that prioritize connectivity and convenience, with an infotainment system led by an 8.4-inch portrait-oriented central touchscreen, a 12.3-inch digital instrument display, and a 9.1-inch passenger display. While the screens host controls for many of the vehicle’s systems and features, physical buttons, switches, and dials remain on the steering wheel for key driving functions. In encouraging a greater focus on the driver experience, Lamborghini developed an all-new ‘swipe’ function for the Revuelto, which allows the driver and passenger to move in-vehicle apps and information between their displays using a two-finger swipe gesture. A similar gesture can be used to save favorite features, allowing them to be accessed more quickly.

The infotainment system itself hosts several connected features that work mutually to support the user experience further. Its onboard navigation system, for example, incorporates PHEV-specific information such as POI data for petrol stations and EV charging point availability in addition to real-time traffic and weather information. Further details on these sites, such as their opening hours, price, and usage are displayed where available. Fitted as standard, Alexa Built-In allows users to control the Revuelto’s climate, navigation, and media functions through a series of voice commands. These vehicle-specific commands work alongside conventional commands for entertainment and smart home devices. These features and more will benefit from the PHEV’s integrated OTA software update system, which can deliver new functions and improvements for all three of its displays.

Further convenience is offered through Lamborghini Unica, the OEM’s mobile app available on iOS and Android devices as well as Apple Watch. With it, Revuelto owners can remotely access key vehicle information and control some vehicle functionality. The app, for example, provides insights into the PHEV’s fuel level, battery charge, electric range, and location – with controls for locking or unlocking the doors, sounding the horn, and activating the lights. Enhancing user safety is a further focus of the Unica app, which can help the user set maximum parameters for speed as well as hourly and usage limits through geolocation. Here, if the car exceeds the speed or time limits, or exceeds the limits of a set area, the owner is notified accordingly through a push notification sent to their mobile device.

While offering a variety of new and returning drive systems and technologies, the Revuelto also marks Lamborghini’s first implementation of a full set of ADAS. Operating through a suite of cameras, radars, and sensors located around the vehicle, these ADAS functions work to enhance the user’s safety and their daily driving experience. An Active Lane Departure Warning monitors lane markings in the user’s surroundings and corrects the driver’s steering if these lines are crossed, while a Lane Change Warning monitors blind spots and alerts the driver of any danger before they switch lanes. An Adaptive Cruise Control feature accelerates or brakes autonomously to regulate the car’s speed and distance from the vehicle in front of it, and a Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns the driver of any obstacles crossing behind – braking in the event of an imminent collision. A live feed from the Revuelto’s camera system, showing a rear view and birds eye view, can also be displayed on the dashboard.

Lamborghini has not yet provided details on the pricing structure of the Revuelto or when it is expected to begin deliveries.