Mercedes-Benz has detailed the various infotainment, convenience, and ADAS technologies equipped in the EQE SUV – the multipurpose variant of the OEM’s EQE saloon. Counted among the EV’s key features is an all-new electric platform.

This platform supports a modular drive concept, which enables a variety of maximum power outputs, ranging from 241 hp (180 kW) through to 402 (300 kW). Based on the user’s chosen equipment and vehicle configuration, the European EQE models can achieve ranges exceeding 366 miles (590 km), based on the WLTP scale. The lithium-ion battery enabling this range can be charged through public mains with single- or three-phase AC and an optional charging capacity of up to 22 kW. This battery consists of ten modules and has battery management software that, in certain cases, can receive OTA updates.

The EQE SUV’s OTA functionality can, likewise, deliver further benefits across many functional areas. Here, the user is able to individually customize some of their vehicle’s equipment through OTA functions available in the Mercedes me Store – with the number of dedicated features available to download OTA set to expand over time.

Inside the e-SUV is the optional MBUX Hyperscreen, which merges three screens – a 12.3-inch driver screen, 17.-inch central screen, and 12.3-inch passenger screen – into a combined display spanning 55.5 inches wide. The system’s OLED front passenger display offers a unique UI alongside a camera-based blocking logic system that assists the driver. If the driver is looking towards the front-passenger display, this system automatically dims the content shown on it.Hyperscreen’s central and front passenger displays provide haptic feedback, activated through actuators (eight in the central display, four in the front passenger display) that trigger a perceptible vibration of the glass cover.

The vehicle’s onboard navigation system (called Navigation with Electric Intelligence) helps users plan quick, convenient, routes while suggesting charging stops along the way and reacting dynamically to traffic jams or a change in driving style. When planning trips that will involve charging stops, the system calculates the estimated charging costs per stop. The routes planned by the system can be individually edited by the driver if necessary, allowing them to add preferred charging stations or exclude system-suggested charging stations.

Leveraging AI, MBUX builds convenience by recommending certain functions at appropriate times for the driver – reacting in response to the vehicle surroundings and changes in user behavior. The navigation app, for example, is placed at the center of the screen with its full range of features. More than 20 additional functions are offered automatically based on their relevancy to the user. The user can then accept or reject these suggestions.

Further examples of this ‘zero layer’ approach include the Charging module appearing automatically as the vehicle approaches a charging station that allows for Plug&Charge, or suggesting that the driver calls a particular person at a particular time – having noticed and registered this pattern beforehand. Likewise, if the user regularly switches on the heating for the steering wheel after activating the corresponding system for the seats, this function is recommended to them as they activate the seat heating.

The on-board Hey Mercedes voice assistant is capable of new skills, such as engaging in dialogue and learning, that can be activated as online services in the Mercedes me App. Certain actions can likewise be performed without the ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice command, such as taking a telephone call. The system can also explain select vehicle functions, helping when asked how to connect a smartphone with Bluetooth or where the first-aid kit can be found.

Further convenience features offered by MBUX include a ‘Online Music’ service that integrates Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music into the infotainment system. A personal profile allows for the system to be synchronized with the user’s Mercedes me account, while a PIN can be set and unlocked through biometric inputs to access individual settings and authorize digital in-vehicle payments.

An optional MBUX Entertainment package offers ZYNC, a platform for video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programs, sport, news, games, and more. The platform hosts many services from its global, regional and local partners, with new partners and channels expected to be added over time. MBUX Entertainment is currently available for one year free of change from the original booking, and can subsequently be renewed through a payment made on the Mercedes me.