Geoflex, a pioneer in hypergeolocation services by satellites, has successfully completed a new financing round of €6 million to accelerate its commercial developments and strengthen its production facilities, having demonstrated in various environments its technological capabilities based on the PPP-CNES©/Geoflex technology (PPP standing for Precise Point Positioning).

This financing round was carried out with the decisive support of Bouygues (Bouygues Telecom, Colas and Bouygues Construction), Stellantis and Thales, acting through their respective corporate venture entities, joining Demeter IM that has been a shareholder in the company since 2018.

The investment in Geoflex by these three major global groups with leadership positions in their markets illustrates the strategic importance of the Geoflex’ solutions at the heart of today’s challenges: new mobility, environment, technological disruptive changes, and cyber security.

After numerous proofs of concept, top awards all over the world (CES Award in 2019 and 2022, Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transportation, Spring 50 Paris-Saclay, Software République, etc.), and integration assistance programs with recognized players (Loc4Rail with SNCF French Railways etc.), Geoflex is now structuring its activities to become the world leader in satellite-based hypergeolocation.

By offering precision, safety, continuity of operation, and resilience to jamming and spoofing, Geoflex augments GNSS (Global Navigation Satellites Systems – American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BEIDOU, and European GALILEO), in a very simple and accessible way, for the benefit of all applicative or technological integrators. Geoflex broadcasts a standardized GNSS corrections data stream usable by all GNSS receivers, regardless of their brand.

Today, Geoflex is the only GNSS augmentation service operator, neutral and agnostic of downstream application chains, capable of augmenting the GNSS accuracy from few meters down to few centimeters, anywhere in the world, on land, at sea and in the air, up to 25,000 km of altitude. The Geoflex solutions enable real-time and post-processing precise positioning of any objects, directly on the objects in the field, or in the Cloud, correcting the measurements of all GNSS receivers to augment their positioning and timing accuracy.

This capability is based on the PPP-CNES©/Geoflex technology, a unique and patented core technology developed by CNES since more than 12 years, strengthened, industrialized and operated by Geoflex that commercialize it on various downstream markets via subscriptions.

This fundraising will enable Geoflex to consolidate its technological and industrial assets in order to deliver its solutions to its integrators and to develop its customer base worldwide.