Mercedes-Benz Vans has launched the eCitan, which will initially be available as a Panel Van with a choice of two lengths – a 14.75-ft long compact version and a 16.14-ft long version. The company confirmed that the longer counterpart will be launching at a later date.

Depending on the customer’s selected model, the maximum electric driving range is estimated to be between 173 miles (280 kilometers) and 176 miles (284 kilometers). Mercedes-Benz Vans is intending for this range to meet the needs of commercial customers who will frequently use the small van as courier, shuttle and delivery vehicles in urban areas.

At fast-charging stations, the 45 kWh battery can be charged from 10% to 80% within 38 minutes (when using the installed 80 kW DC charger). For the compact panel van, a 102-cubic foot (2.9 cubic meter) load capacity is offered with a 1199-lb (544-kilogram) maximum payload. The long model likewise provides a load capacity of 130 cubic feet (3.7 cubic meters) and a payload of up to 1591-lb (722 kilograms). Prices for the 90 kW eCitan start at around $39,571 (€36,000) for the compact model in its Panel Van configuration.

The new eCitan offers a similar set of features to its ICE counterpart. Among these are its compact exterior dimensions, large space, and high load capacity. Its Panel Van form offers a wide-opening sliding door, and a low loading sill height of 22 inches (57 centimeters). Together, they work to enable easy access to the interior and make loading the vehicle more convenient. If the user wishes to configure their eCitan with a an additional sliding door, this features is available on request.

The load compartment is also accessible at the rear, with the rear door’s two sections capable of being locked in a 90-degree position and swung to the side by up to 180 degrees. A tailgate is available as an option to further support this functionality. Inside, the front passenger seat is foldable – creating a flat surface when the user needs to transport particularly long objects. The load compartment length is then 10 feet (3.05 meters) for the compact version and 11 feet (3.41 meters) for the long version.

In contrast to the Panel Van, which is optimized for commercial goods transport, the eCitan Tourer is for local passenger transport. This version is equipped with a tailgate, rear window, and second sliding side door as standard – though can also be fitted with rear doors.

The bench seat in the rear is 1/3 to 2/3 split-folding, while numerous stowage options make the eCitan Tourer easier to use in the user’s daily life. Here, an optional feature provides tables that can be folded out of the front seat backrests in the rear. Mercedes Benz Vans envisions this feature allowing for an in-vehicle writing surface for passengers in the second row, or as a place to eat a snack. Cup holders are also integrated into these tables. Further Tourer-specific options include ruffled pockets installed low down on the front seat backrests.

The eCitan Panel Van and Tourer are available in the BASE and PRO equipment lines. Here, the door handles and the cover of the sliding door rail are painted in accordance with the user’s chosen vehicle color. As standard, the eCitan PRO also comes with the Mercedes-Benz audio system, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, electric front windows with a comfort function, and plastic flooring in the load compartment. The premium Interior Design Package offers additional high-quality features such as a high-gloss black trim in the instrument panel, chrome surrounds on the air vents, instrument panel, and loudspeakers, as well as chrome-plated door handles in the interior.

Also delivered optionally is MBUX – Mercedes-Benz’s multimedia system. Controlled in the van through a seven-inch touchscreen, voice commands, or touch control buttons on the steering wheel, it hosts various connectivity features. Among these are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, and digital radio (both DAB and DAB+). The system also provides a navigation system that includes hard-disc navigation, which can be operated with the ‘Hey Mercedes’ Voice Assistant.

The eCitan’s electric motor has a peak output of 122 hp (90 kW), with its maximum torque of 180 lb-ft (245 newton meters) available as the van starts. The lithium-ion battery is positioned in the underbody ahead of the rear axle, protecting it against vehicle crashes. An externally excited synchronous motor drives the front wheels of the eCitan, enabling FWD.

At work, home or public charging stations, the eCitan can be charged with AC at 11 kW (or optionally at 22 kW with the onboard charger). The time required for full recharge ultimately varies on the available infrastructure and country-specific vehicle equipment. On DC, depending on the state-of-charge and battery temperature, the eCitan can be charged at up to 80 kW on a corresponding charging point. This enables it to recharge from 10% to 80% in 38 minutes. A CCS (Combined Charging Systems) connector is optionally available for AC and DC charging.