Akkodis, a business unit of the Adecco Group, has announced a new partnership with the BMW Group to develop and produce the BMW i Vision Dee. An acronym for digital emotional experience, the Dee concept car was first revealed by the OEM at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Working alongside the BMW Group in Germany, Akkodis contributed its digital engineering experiences to support the vehicle’s early development. Here, it was involved in stages of its design and construction, from Dee’s initial sketches through to its end design. The company also developed the specific battery and wiring harness featured in the drivable concept car, while realizing the on-board network using its Gigabox system.

The concept car itself aims to strengthen the connection and interaction between the customers and the vehicle. In achieving this goal, it offers a number of features – including a Mixed Reality Slider, an enhanced version of the Group’s Head-up Display, an exterior that leverages e-ink technology to change its color, as well as the incorporation of avatars, light, sound, and a natural human voice.