JLR has partnered with Wykes Engineering to develop a new energy storage system designed to harness solar and wind power using second-life Jaguar i-Pace batteries.?

A single Wykes Engineering battery energy storage system (BESS) will utilize 30 second-life i-Pace batteries and can store up to 2.5 MWh of energy at full capacity. The batteries supplied have been taken from prototype and engineering test vehicles, with JLR looking to supply Wykes Engineering with enough batteries to store a total of 7.5 MWh of energy by the end of 2023.?Beyond 2023, more containers can be created to house additional second-life batteries removed from used production vehicles.?

Each BESS, which is linked to an advanced inverter that works to maximize efficiency and manage energy. It is likewise capable of supplying power directly to the National Grid during peak hours while drawing?power out of the grid during off-peak hours to store for future use.?

As part of their technical collaboration, Wykes Engineering and JLR worked to seamlessly integrate their respective technologies, removing the need for additional manufacturing steps or the removal of battery modules. Here, batteries are removed directly from the Jaguar i-Pace EV and slotted into racks in the containers on-site, maximizing the partnership’s sustainability.

For JLR, the partnership represents an important step in the company’s adoption of circular economy principles, which itself forms an integral part of its strategy to achieve carbon net zero by 2039.