by Chris Atkinson

Fisker has released additional details on its Pear crossover – which will be priced at $29,900 (€27,482) at launch. Ahead of its rollout, Fisker will look to build the EV in partnership with Foxconn at a factory in Ohio. The OEM is also planning to showcase a production-ready Pear model at the Fisker Lounge Munich between September 4 and 10.

Highlighted by Fisker was the Pear’s drawer-like front boot, which provides a storage compartment dedicated to keeping odors out of the cabin and will be offered with an insulated option to keep food contained in it hot or cold. Another key highlight was the Lounge Mode offered in the EV’s interior, which allows for all seats to be folded flat, including the rear seat which folds backwards into the trunk area. When the seats are folded, the interior offers a large lounge-like space for occupants to watch a movie – using an optional 17.1-inch rotating entertainment screen – or rest. The five-seater vehicle will also be able to seat six people, with a large two-seat bench replacing the single front passenger seat and center console.

Customers will be able to choose between two battery options, which will provide an estimated range of either 180 miles or 320 miles for longer trips. The EV is similarly projected to deliver a base 0-60mph time of 6.3 seconds, and a 0-100 km/h time of 6.8 seconds. In addition to its offering in rear and all-wheel drive configurations, the EV’s line-up will also include the Fisker Pear Extreme – a high-performance variant.

At the core of the Pear’s infotainment operations is the Fisker Blade, the OEM’s proprietary high performance computer that will offer SDV-ready connected and digital customer experiences. Packaged in a compact, modular, upgradable unit, the Fisker Blade delivers up to 6.2 TFLOPs and up to 25% more performance per watt used. Here, it utilizes an asymmetric processing architecture to achieve further power efficiencies. The vehicle also features a multi-gigabit internal Ethernet network that connects the rest of its systems to Fisker Blade for high-speed networking and diagnostics. The Pear’s 5G/Wi-Fi6 wireless network facilitates a cloud-connected mini data center, with Fisker designing and developing the vehicle system software and data pipeline for highly efficient cloud and in-car analytics.