by Rob Hare

Škoda has revealed the interiors of the new Kodiaq and Superb generations ahead of their world premieres. The redesigned interiors both feature a 10-inch digital cockpit, a new HUD and a 13-inch infotainment display. The redesign provides further enhancements to the steering wheel, instrument cluster and dashboard, while moving the gear selector to the steering column for enhanced accessibility.

Also debuting in both models are Škoda Smart Dials, three rotary push-buttons that integrate haptic and digital components. Each button has a 32-millimetre digital display and works to help drivers quickly access numerous vehicle functions (based on the equipment level).

The two outer Smart Dials for the driver and front passenger control the interior temperature, seat heating, and seat ventilation with their displays showcasing the currently active function. The center Smart Dial controls up to four different functions, including the infotainment volume, fan speed, air direction, smart air conditioning, driving modes, and map zoom. This dial can be configured using the infotainment system menu and pressing the button switches between functions.

Further along the interior, users can benefit from a new Phone Box feature that provides wireless charging capabilities of up to 15 W and an active cooling function. The Superb’s interior offers one of these charging stations, while the Kodiaq is configured with two. In addition to the wireless charger, passengers can charge their devices using four USB-C ports, each with a power output of 45 W, and a 15 W USB-C port on the rear-view mirror.