by Andrea Sroczynski

The BMW Group has revealed the Vision Neue Klasse EV, its latest design concept intended to preview the core BMW brand’s next generation of vehicles. While not intended for sale, the concept presents new EV, infotainment, sustainability, and technology features that could be carried over into new BMW models.

Inside, for example, the concept puts a strong emphasis on digital HMI – with all interactions taking place through the BMW Panoramic Vision, Central Display, and the multifunctional buttons found on the steering wheel. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant likewise offers voice recognition capabilities that allow users to control key vehicle functions.

Making its debut with the Neue Klasse concept, the BMW Panoramic Vision display projects information in alignment to the driver’s line of sight across the full width of the dashboard. In the production models spawned from the concept, the display will complement the enhanced BMW HUD. Through the vehicle’s next-generation BMW iDrive infotainment system, both the driver and front passenger can interact with information displayed on BMW Panoramic Vision. Drivers can, for example, move content shown on the Central Display to the Panoramic Vision screen with a quick gesture. This setup is accompanied by the center console, which provides space for a smartphone charging cradle and the selector lever.

In representing the BMW Group’s future drivetrain plans, the concept offers efficient electric motors and new advances in its eDrive technology – including round battery cells with enhanced energy density. The Group’s Neue Klasse models will leverage the sixth generation of BMW’s eDrive technology, which BMW claims will improve both range and charging speeds by up to 30 percent.

Ultimately, the Vision Neue Klasse concept represents the range of technologies that the BMW Group will utilize to meet its future sustainability goals while offering customers new digital experiences and emission-free driving.