by Luigi Bisbiglia

Mercedes-Benz has announced a new OTA MBUX update that will deliver a variety of new entertainment and navigation features to more than 700,000 vehicles around the world.

The update, called MBUX Entertainment Update (2.4), will be delivered to models equipped with second-generation MBUX systems between August 2023 and November 2023. Owners of compatible vehicles will be able to access it using the Update Wizard on the MBUX display, or with the Mercedes me app – which will send a push notification to the user’s smartphone once the update is available in their region.

A key entertainment feature delivered through the update is Dolby Atmos, which enhances the in-vehicle listening experience provided by the Apple Music app with added space, depth and clarity. Supporting the upgraded audio experience are new video streaming options accessible through the infotainment system, including the YouTube Web app.

The update also expands the reach of the OEM’s NewsFlash with Hey Mercedes, making it available in additional markets. A new version of Newsflash will likewise allow customers to access newscasts on general news, business, finance, sports, culture and other topics. Customers can configure their favorite news channels through the Mercedes me app, and activate the feature using the MBUX Voice Assistant and the ‘Hey Mercedes, play the news.’

Tourguide, the OEM’s travel companion software, will launch in the UK and France through its new MBUX update. Activated by the “Hey Mercedes, activate Tourguide” voice command, the feature sees the MBUX voice assistant read out useful information about castles, museums and other sights when passing brown signs along the motorway. Another new feature enabled by the OTA update is in-cabin sound for the front passenger display. Now, audio from dynamic entertainment content viewed on the front passenger display – such as movies and television shows – can played on the in-cabin sound system without the need for headphones.

In addition to these new features, vehicles equipped with the first-generation MBUX system will gain access to Place Details provided by Google. This feature – which is already available for vehicles with the second-generation MBUX – provides detailed information on various businesses and locations, including their business hours, photos, ratings and reviews. Unlike the other features, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that Place Details will be made available to compatible vehicles automatically.