by Riccardo Del Bello

Hyundai Mobis has announced Mobis Mobility Move 2.0, its European market expansion strategy designed to showcase its commitment to electric mobility. The supplier’s expansion approach for the European market is focused around its three core solutions involving core EV components such as battery systems and power electronics.

In targeting the European mobility market, the strategy will develop and leverage new X-By Wire and 5G-based V2X (Vehicle to Everything) Integrated Control technologies. X-By-Wire converts core vehicle functions, such as steering and brakes, from mechanical to electronic controls. Through Mobis Mobility Move 2.0, Hyundai Mobis will look to build a range of By-Wire solutions, including Electronic Steering (Steer-By-Wire), Electronic Braking (Brake-By-Wire), and Independent Rear Wheel Steering (Rear Wheel Steering).

The supplier also revealed that it has begun work on a new 5G-based V2X Integrated Control technology intended to support L4 autonomous driving capabilities. This technology enables vehicles to quickly exchange large amounts of data with exterior environments – such as other vehicles and intelligent transportation systems. Having already developed a secure 5G communication module, Hyundai Mobis is planning to introduce a new telematics product integrating V2X technology to the European market.

Through its new expansion plan, Hyundai Mobis is ultimately aiming to achieve a sales target of $1.29 billion (€1.20 billion) for orders placed in the European region, double the value of its 2022 target.