by Chris Atkinson

Hyundai Motor America has introduced Hyundai Pay, a new service which will provide customers with the ability to make and process payments using their vehicle’s touchscreen. To launch the service, the OEM partnered with Parkopedia – a parking payment system that enables U.S. drivers to locate, reserve and pay for parking from inside their vehicle at various locations across the country.

The Hyundai Pay service will launch alongside the all-new 2024 Hyundai Kona, which is set to become available in dealerships during fall 2023. While a further nine models will receive both the service and Parkopedia’s payment services via model year changes or OTA updates, Hyundai has not yet confirmed which vehicles will gain these updates.

In the future, Hyundai will look to expand the scope of the Hyundai Pay platform with additional features and EV-related use cases. When payments are made through the platform, a tokenization system works to keep them secure – replacing the user’s card account details with a unique digital identifier.

Drivers will also be able to access the Hyundai Pay system through Bluelink, the OEM’s connected car service app. Here, the mobile app will enable drivers to view, book and retrieve past parking sessions for future journeys.