by Riccardo Del Bello

mimik technology has announced a new collaboration with Marelli, through which Marelli has selected the company to be its preferred supplier for its SDV solutions stack – integrating mimik’s Hybrid Edge Cloud (HEC) platform.

The HEC platform provides a continuous runtime environment while facilitating the development, deployment, and management of workloads across various smart devices – including automotive computing devices. By empowering each computing device within the vehicle, and enabling the surrounding intelligent ecosystem to function as a cloud server through its software, mimik works to enhance performance, scalability, and security while reducing the software’s total cost. This, in turn, also reduces the carbon footprint and enables new opportunities for connected vehicle experiences.

Marelli will ultimately look to integrate the HEC platform in order to realize the microservice containerization, helping it create software, deploy it across any vehicle hardware and operating system, and extend it to neighboring intelligent devices and ecosystems. Both firms are expecting the partnership to facilitate new opportunities across several areas – including vehicle hyper-personalization, real-time decision-making, usage-based insurance, predictive maintenance, and more.